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„Dove non va il sole, va il medico“ – "Where the sun does not come, the doctor must come," an Italian proverb says.

How the sun influences our well-being - light means vitality

Sunlight was one of mankind's first tonic and is the deciding factor in all of our plant remedies. The modern man spends his days indoors in artificial light and wonders that civilization diseases are spreading. We have become modern cavemen.

That a lack of sunlight influences the psychical well-being and can lead to winter depression is now common knowledge. Many people are unaware that a lack of sunlight has an effect on our physical well-being as well.

We get sunlight outside through the skin and the eyes, but we "eat" it too. The biophysician and biophoton researcher Prof. Popp also detected the cell light in plants and was able to measure whether a salad grew in the open air or in the glass house due to the light emission of its leaf.

But there is still a third possibility, to “collect” sunlight particles, so called photons : About sun illuminated substances. And that is what we do. We enrich substances with sunlight.

Why use sunshined substances?

The best is, you are enough in the sun and eat a lot of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables. But if there is already a major lack of energy, enduring long-term stress, or if sick or elderly people cannot get outside, sun-kissed substances can be a valuable gas station. (source for energy)

Science, too, is on the track of sunlight. The German biophysicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp has been able to prove that in every cell of our body are photons, that is light particles (consist, contains). The better a cell can hold the light, the healthier its condition. Diseased cells therefore contain less light and "dead" cells no longer contain light. So it's easy to imagine that sunlight has a lot to do with our health.

You can find out more about what the sun can do and how it can be used in everyday life under Blog.

The really good things are easy.

Much is lost in our time, with which our ancestors have come far in a good and cheap way, in particular the knowledge of the forces of nature. In Central Europe, we are fortunate that this knowledge is still alive. Austrian herbal knowledge was even included in the UNESCO immaterialCultural Heritage. Our concern is, on the one hand, to give back to people knowledge and confidence in the forces of nature in order toprovide themselves with good things. It is free on our doorstep. On the other hand, we want to create products with care and energy, so that the plant can fully develop its power - the material and the immaterial, because also the essence of the plant is involved.

In general, the fresher a plant is used, the more vitality and not just ingredients are stored in the oil or the trincture. The quality of the plant and the type of preparation is - as in the kitchen - essential.

It is important to get the vital substances as vividly as possible into the bottle.

NUHROVIA quality

We take almost exclusively wild and fresh plants from cleanareas. We have permission in Croatia to collect wild plants from nature reserve areas. We manufacture everything by hand, from picking the plants, sunshining the bottles, to fill in the finished product.

The fact that we do no animal experiments is as natural as the production in best quality.

All products are suitable for vegans (except our bee products) as well as for vegetarians, many have raw food quality.

All Aour products are guaranteed free of:

  • Lactose und gluten
  • animal ingredients (bee pollen and propolis products are vegetarian, but not vegan)
  • animal experiments
  • preservatives
  • Fillers, artificial fragrances and dyes (at Sonnenkuss Naturkosmetik only natural fragrances are used)


The essence of the plant

Also, the plant has to "bring it” in our society as quickly as possible and under sometimes impossible conditions. And that's the problem! To appreciate nature is a very important part of NUHROVIA's production. For only in this way the essence, the immaterial, the "spirit" of the plant can be included. Indigenouspeople used to "ask" the plant, to meditate or dream about it and to prepare their remedies with great care, much time and gratitude.

It is considered as a personality, as an entity and not just reduced to its material ingredients.




We love our work and produce our products in peace, without hassle and stress. It is said that time heals all wounds. Maybe we can give you a little bit of time this way.

Wild growth

We believe wild plants, unlike monocultures, transmit more strength, vitality and survival intelligence.

Fresh plant extracts

In extracts from the fresh plants we can, unlike dried, store better the "living" of the plant and its essential information.


With the NUHROVIA sun method plant and herbal extracts become a carrier of stored sunlight! Due to the warmth and the shaking, the nutrients are optimally dissolved on the one hand, but the exposure to sunlight also preserves the "life" in the plant during the working process. And thus you can store sunlight, biophotons, in this substance.

Taking into accountvarious criteria such as position of the sun, angle of sun radiation, UV light transmission of the bottles and type of substance, the sunlight can be stored. Only in the south you have enough sun to be able to store enough photons. And you need time. Some products are kissed of the sun for several weeks and shaken by hand every hour. So we get products of first-class quality and above all: products full of sun and vital life.

Animportant point in this manufacturing process is violet glass. It ensures that the sunlight remains in the substance. Violet glass guarantees years of durability - even far beyond the already long expiry date. Resources are precious!


Tradition and history of sunshining substances:

Oils and plant extracts have been produced in Ayurveda for millennia with sunlight.

In the 19th century, an Austrian mystic named Jakob Lorber described a process of enriching substances with sunlight. We manufacture our products based on our guidelines, latest knowledge of science and thoughts from our friend Karl Lutschitsch, with whom we worked together before the start of the GmbH 2005 already. We are now continuing Nuhrovia after his death and can also count on the experience of the Karl Lutschitsch-related family Saher, who has been producing the remedies for almost 15 years in a proven manner and has meanwhile also become family to us.

Naturschutzgebiet in Kroation

Storage in valuable violet glas -

our products are stable for many years without preservatives

Decisive is the storage in dark violet glass, which was specially developed for the "sun remedies”. With this glass photons can be stored for a very long time without preservatives. The "life" in the remedy is preserved.

Violet glass is also ideal for keeping your collected and dried herbs fresh for many years. They keep color, scent and taste - that’s how you can prove that. We provide bottles, cosmetic containers and wide-mouth jars in various sizes.



Nuhrovia Sonnensole - Florasole flower essences & Mineralsole 1-27

Another NUHROVIA manufacturing process is the storage of information in brine, salt water. Sun enriched brine is a completely new and contemporary way to store information such as flower essences, mineral salts, plant information and other information remedies in general. This allows us to store, conserve and pass onremedies, that are so fine that traditional measuring methods cannot detect their material ingredients, in a much more neutral carrier of information.

Brine is durable.

Just think of meat that is salted and thus preserved.

In contrast to alcohol or lactose, there are no incompatibilities with brine. Salt, water and sunlight are the essentials of life and therefore predestined as a carrier!

Brine as a carrier is neutral and speaks the language of our body. Brine is contained as a basic substance in the human body - our blood is a 0.9% brine! Our body consists of about 70% water and when you burn our bodies, salts remain.

From the primeval sea (salt water) all life on this planet was once created, so the state of science. The original seasalt contains all minerals that make up all life. In combination with the elements of life water, air and sunlight, salt speaks the language of our body. But also of plants and minerals.

In practice, this means that you need much less of flower essences and mineral salts in brine - about 1 drop 3 times a day is enough. Here it can be varied as needed by taking it more often, or diluted with water.

There are no potencies in our brine essences. We store the full information and the body takes what it needs, just like other foods. They nourish body and soul and stimulate harmony and order.

We can look back on 10 years of experience.





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