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Base price: 54,00 | 100 ml

Misteltoe Powder Oak 15 g

"remove maure" & strengthens the male proportion, wise strength

Assignment physical:
Blood pressure, head, "de-misted"

Allocation psychic:
Are you accustomed to fight? Change makes you afraid? Strong habits? Strong father figure? Or the opposite?
The oakmistel strengthens the male part, promotes lively instead of stiff tradition or habit, gives paternal strength and protection in the back and shows that also a step backward strength can be. Mistletoe strengthens the personal field.

Overnight 1 pinch with cold water in 100 ml of violet glass, strain the next day and spread throughout the day.

Mistletoe from wild gathering from oak

Hvarska Sol d.o.o. Croatia

Additional info:

  • Plant powder, gently dried
  • handmade
  • Raw food quality
  • without artificial additives, free from preservatives, free from genetic engineering
  • Animal experiment free, vegan
  • light-protected and long-lasting in violet glass

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