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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Nuhrovia GmbH - Online

§ 1 Scope and definitions with respect to companies

(1) The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions between usand a consumer at the time the order is placed.

(2) "consumptions" within the meaning of these terms and conditions, any naürliche person holding anTransaction for a purpose concludes, is neither commercial nor its independentprofessional activity can be attributed.

§ 2 Conclusion of a contract, saving the treaty text

(1) The following provisions of the contract apply to orders on ourInternet Store http://www.nuhrovia.com.

(2) In case of concluding the contract, the contract with

Nuhrovia Ltd.
Birkenweg 9
A-5145 Neukirchen
VAT no ATU61524808
Jurisdiction: FN 260759 w BG Ried/Innkreis



(3) The presentation of merchandise in our online shop are not legally bindingContract on our part, but are subject only a non-binding invitation to theConsumers to order goods. By ordering the desired product is a consumerhim for a binding offer to conclude a sales contract. The acceptance of the offer in writing or in written form or by sending the orderedMerchandise within a week. After the expiry of the period the offer is rejected.

(4) Upon receipt of an order in our online shop the following rules apply: TheConsumers are a binding contract offer by the Internet in our shopproposed ordering procedure goes through successfully. The order involves the following steps:

1) Select the desired product
2) Confirm by clicking on the button "Order"
3) examination of the information in your cart
4) pressing the button "Checkout"
5) Sign the online shop for registration and entry of applicant information (e-mail addressand password).
6) Repeated testing and correction of the respective input data.
7) Mandatory submission of your order.The consumer can be mandatory before sending the order by pressing thehe used Internet browser included "Back" button to check his information againget to the website where the customer information is collected and input errorsrectify or by closing the web browser to cancel the order process. We confirmthe receipt of your order directly through an automatically generated e-mail(Acknowledgment). This is not an acceptance of the offer dar. The adoption of theOffer is in writing, either in writing or by sending the ordered goods within aWeek.

(5) Storage of contract for purchase via our online shop: we save theTreaty text and send you the order data and our terms and conditions via e-mail. The terms and conditions can> View ABG - at any time on http://www.nuhrovia.com -> products. Your pastOrders may be placed in the customer area under My Account -> My Orders. view

§ 3 Prices, Free Shipping, payment due date

(1) The prices include the legal VAT and other price components.There are also possible shipping costs.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying by card or invoice (for existing customers).

(3) If the consumer has elected to pay in advance, so he agrees to the purchase priceimmediately payable under the contract.

§ 4 Delivery

(1) If we have not in the product description clearly stated otherwise, all ofWe offer products available for dispatch.

(2) If the consumer has elected to pay in advance, so we do not ship the goods beforeReceipt of payment.


§ 5 Retention of title

We reserve the title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price.


§ 6 Withdrawal



You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing(Eg letter, fax, e-mail) or if the goods are delivered before the deadline byReturning the item revoked. The time limit begins after receipt of this notification in writing,but not before receipt of the goods to the consignee (in case of recurring deliveries of similarWere not before the first partial delivery) and also does not fulfill ourObligations under Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Sections 1 and 2 draft Law and ourObligations according to § 312g para 1 sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 BGB. To comply with the Revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or the goods.The revocation must be sent to:

Nuhrovia Ltd.
Birkenweg 9
A-5145 Neukirchen

Consequences In the case of an effective withdrawal, the mutually received benefitsand any benefits (eg interest) surrendered. Can you give us the receivedPerformance and utilization (eg benefits) are not or partly or only inissue to return a deteriorated condition or you will be obliged toPostage charges. For the deterioration and derived benefits, you mustPay compensation only if the use or the deterioration in their relation to theMatter and if the error on the assessment of the characteristics and functioninggoes. The term "examination of the characteristics and functioning" refers to the testing andTry the respective goods, such as it is in our store and customary.Transportable items are to be returned at our risk. They have regularTo bear the costs of return if the delivered goods ordered and if thePrice of the item to be returned does not exceed € 40, or if youa higher price the thing at the time of the revocation yet the return or acontractually agreed part payment provided. Otherwise, the return is for youfree. Not parcel things are picked up. Obligations toReimbursement of payments must be made within 30 days. The time limit begins for you when you send your cancellation or the goods, for us upon receipt.

End of withdrawal


§ 7 Contract provisions regarding the return costs upon withdrawal

If you exercise your right of revocation, shall be deemed in compliance with § 357 para 2 BGB,following agreement by which you have to bear the normal costs of returning,if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the returned goodsan amount not exceeding € 40 or if you are at a higher price of the itemDate of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed partial paymenthave provided.

Otherwise, the return is free of charge.

§ 8 contract language

When contract language is exclusively German.

State of the Terms and Conditions July 2012


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€ 30,00


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